Specialists on Immgration, Asylum & Human Rights matters


Specialists in UK & EU immigration law

Immigration Aid provides a specialist service in the area of immigration and nationality law and is regulated by the OISC. The organisations employs highly experienced consultants and although we were not funded by the Legal Services Commission (LSC), Immigration Aid is one of the few firm whose consultant's work is supervised by an LSC (Legal Services Commission) Accredited Supervisor.

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  Our consultants specialise in Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights matters only. This means that we are in a position to offer the very highest quality of service in these specialist areas of law.

  We have a team of dedicated staff who are deeply committedo helping people with immigration and asylum problem.

We also provide a FREE telephone advice service to members of the public.Our specialist team shall assist you with the following:

Advice and assistance in making  visa applications

Preparation and Representation of Appeal before the AIT (advocacy)

  Privately funded cases before the Immigration Appeal Tribunal and privately funded Asylum work in the UK..




Fixed Fees (UK offices)
In straightforward cases, we can offer fixed fees for the following types of applications (UK pound):

Entry Clearance Applications from


please call for latest price


Indefinite Leave to Remain (following 2 year probationary period)  
Student application  
Extensions  from  
Long Residence / Concessions / Human Rights applications  
Settlement for dependent family members from  
Business application / Highly Skilled Migrant Programme / Work Permit  
Appeal with Advocacy  
Our fees start from 650 to 775, depending on the stage of the appeal and complexity of the matter. Again, our full list is available upon request.


Immigration matter related fees
All our offices provide affordable packages involving advice and assistance with applications for Entry Clearance.
Our overseas offices have a different fee structure to that of the UK Offices:
Fees for Sylhet and Dhaka Office from 1st of January 2007:-

  • ECO applications (visitor, student and other straightforward matters) - 30;

  • ECO applications (settlement and more complex) - 50
    Usually fees are payable in local currency. Please consult your local office for full details.


Diagnostic Interview= 45 (deducted when file opened on same matter)
We offer a 45 minute diagnostic telephone interview during which we will:

  • Identify and understand your legal problem
  • Identify possible solutions and strategy
  • Give you an estimate of cost and timescale to resolve your problem

We find the diagnostic interview very popular with prospective clients. Some use it as an opportunity to simply get a second opinion from an expert. Sometimes people proceed to make the immigration application themselves on the basis of advice in the diagnostic interview and incur no further legal costs. Others instruct us to do further work and we agree fees with them.



Immigration Aid is a member of Immigration Law Practitioners' Association.